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Become a Scavos Pro Pioneer

Boost Guest Engagement

Capture Crowdsourced Event Memories

Calling all adventurous event hosts!

If you’re a pro at creating unforgettable guest experiences, we have an exciting opportunity for you! Join the exclusive Scavos Pro Pioneer Program and turbocharge your guest engagement with the magic of virtual scavenger hunts by Scavos.

​Scavos isn't your average app—it's a game-changer. With Scavos, you actively engage your guests, encourage participation, and put that ‘extra’ in ‘extraordinary. As a bonus, Scavos naturally crowdsources the capturing of hundreds of candid, guest-submitted photos and videos. Say goodbye to punny wedding hashtags and disposable cameras!

Competing platforms can cost a hefty $800+ per event. Scavos Pro intends to introduce professional host licensing at a monthly subscription of only $199—making it accessible and affordable for everyone in the industry.

Get 6+ months of free product access, continued service discounts, and a range other exciting benefits by joining our early-access program as a Scavos Pro Pioneer!

Program Benefits

By joining the Scavos Pro Pioneer Program, you'll stand out from the crowd with exclusive early access to professional Scavos features and enjoy a range of fantastic benefits.


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Best-in-class digital scavenger hunt platform

Hassle-Free Guest

Time is precious. Guest onboarding with Scavos is a breeze. Your guests join the excitement seamlessly using QR codes and one-tap registration. No need to type in email addresses or passwords—let's make it easy and fun from the start! Guests can invite other guests from the app, so nobody gets left out.

Reliable Performance

 Spotty signal? No problem. Scavos works like a charm, even in areas with iffy reception. Say goodbye to connectivity issues and ensure uninterrupted engagement for you and your guests.

Live Activity Feed

Ignite the energy among your guests with our live activity feed. Guests instantly share their submissions and cheer on others in real-time. It's like having a front-row seat to the best moments of your event!

Unleashed Participation

No more lackluster engagement! Scavos actively encourages your guests to join the fun and capture unforgettable moments. With Scavos in hand, everyone becomes an active participant, resulting in a treasure trove of crowd-sourced photos and videos.

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