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Host and play virtual scavenger hunts with your friends. For Free.

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Fast. Easy. Free.

With Scavos, you can create and host your own VIRTUAL SCAVENGER HUNTS in seconds, right on your phone or tablet, and share them with friends and family. Send players on a wild goose chase around your city, or spice-up a virtual happy hour with your remote coworkers, it’s up to you!



Create your own photo scavenger hunt in seconds.



Start from scratch, or with one of our professionally curated and play-tested game templates.



Invite your friends, family, or coworkers using a simple invite code. Happy Hunting!

Family Dinner

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  • How many players can join a game?
    Scavos is designed to support private scavenger hunts played between friends, family, or coworkers. It works great for wedding receptions--even if you have 200+ guests!
  • Can I add different mission types to my games? (E.g. video, text, GPS check-in)
    Yes! Scavos supports photo, video, and 'riddle' mission types. Check out our blog for more information about how these mission types work--or download Scavos and try them out for yourself!
  • How many missions can be added to each scavenger hunt?
    As many as you'd like! We recommend 15-40 missions per game.
  • How many games can I host or play at once?
    Scavos does not limit the number of games you can create or join.
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