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New Mission Type: Riddles!

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

This week the Scavos Team released a major expansion to the mission options in our scavenger hunt app. Game hosts can now have your players answer riddles as part of your scavenger hunt missions along with the photo objectives you’ve already been using. We’ll tell you all about this exciting new feature and how you can use it to make your next virtual scavenger hunt the best yet.

Person holding phone with a question mark

There are two mission types available when you host a virtual scavenger hunt in Scavos:

  1. Photo Missions - Players are given a simple prompt that they complete by taking and submitting a photo with their phone or tablet. These player submissions are then added to the game’s activity feed for other players to see and comment on. Examples of great Photo Missions include: - Three or more people sharing a seasonal beverage. - A historical landmark. - Take a selfie with the birthday girl.

  2. Riddle Missions - Riddle missions give players the chance to stretch their minds as well as their camera rolls. Here the mission prompt should be a question or a clue –extra points if it rhymes – that players need to puzzle out an answer for. Game hosts set a list of ‘correct’ answers to the riddle that players must guess to complete the mission. When a player guesses correctly, a message will be posted to the game’s activity feed; however, the answer is kept secret so other players will still have to figure it out on their own! Examples of some Riddle Missions include: - “I have teeth galore but cannot bite, leave me on the floor and I might get mites. What am I?” Answer: A Comb - “I have four legs, but zero feet. I come in handy when it’s time to eat. What am I?” Answers: Chair; Table; Dining Room Table

Mix and match these mission types to create the scavenger hunt of your dreams for free today! Download Scavos and you can start creating your own hunt in minutes. If you already have Scavos Downloaded, make sure you have auto-updates enabled or visit the app store to download the latest version for access to the new Riddle missions.

Happy Hunting!

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