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Park Hill Families Embark on a Summer Adventure with Scavos and the PHNEE Summer Passport Program

Families of Park Hill (Denver, CO) are getting ready for an exciting summer filled with fun, adventure, and a touch of mystery! Scavos is thrilled to announce our partnership with Park Hill Neighbors for Equity in Education (PHNEE) to host their annual summer passport program. Not only does this event support PHNEE's mission of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion across Park Hill elementary schools. It also promises an engaging experience for families in the Park Hill neighborhood. Participants embark on a quest to explore local schools, businesses, and neighborhood landmarks, solving riddles and capturing fun memories through the Scavos app.

The PHNEE Mission

At the core of PHNEE's mission is the belief that every child deserves an exceptional education, irrespective of their background. This wonderful organization actively addresses educational inequities and advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion in Park Hill's elementary schools. PHNEE strives to amplify often unheard voices, foster trust, and build community among children and families. Together, we can make a difference and create an inclusive educational environment for the children of Park Hill.

Scavos Support

Scavos is proud to support this event with our unique mobile scavenger hunt platform. Armed with a smartphone and the Scavos app, participants will solve riddles, uncover hidden treasures, and even receive exciting prizes along the way!

Our partnership with PHNEE and the summer passport program is just the beginning. We want to inspire other community organizers to plan their own Scavos hunts! Scavenger hunts are a fun way to engage people, foster connections, and create adventure. Whether it's a community event, a neighborhood gathering, or a charity fundraiser, Scavos is here to help you create an awesome experience that supports your mission.

Get Involved

With Scavos and PHNEE's summer passport program, fun, adventure, and community come together to create a delightful summer experience. Scavos categorically supports PHNEE's mission of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in education within the Park Hill neighborhood and beyond.

To support PHNEE and its mission, consider donating through Denver Metro Community Impact.

Happy Hunting!!


Want to organize a scavenger hunt for your organization, event, or community? Let's work together. Start your own by sending us a message at

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