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Hello World

We're Scavos, nice to meet you!

We're a small team of software engineers, copy-writers, and scavenger hunt enthusiasts trying to make it easier to connect and have fun with friends, family, coworkers –really anyone you can think of!

What is Scavos?

Scavos is a free app the lets you build and play photo scavenger hunts with your friends. You can create private games, build a list of missions and clues, and share it with whoever you like. Players submit pictures to complete missions, comment on each others photos, and have fun connecting in a unique, engaging way.

Why did we make Scavos?.

I'll let our founder tell you in his own words:

The first virtual scavenger hunt I ever organized was for my wife's 30th birthday. It was during the height of the pandemic, so I couldn't throw her the 'real' party I wanted to. Everyone had a blast. We were even able to include friends that lived across the country! Motivated by that experience, I set out to create a platform that encourages people to explore and find adventure--together--in whatever environment they happen to share. Scavos is the realization of that mission, and has helped adventurers across the continent add a little extra 'magic' to their birthday parties, camping trips, backyard cookouts, family vacations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, and team-building events.

The latest version of Scavos is available for on iPhone and Android devices, and we think it's pretty great. You can create custom games or use templates that we create – and play – ourselves.

That list of scavenger hunt templates is always growing, so make sure to check out the app and check in on this blog for new adventures.

If you like what we're doing, or have an idea to make the app better, drop a comment here or give us a review.

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