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How to Host a Holiday Party Scavenger Hunt

A group of friends celebrate the holidays with Scavos: the Scavenger Hunt App in the foreground

It’s coming. That time of year that packs holiday parties, annual planning, and plenty of food into the span of 6 short weeks. I’m exhausted just writing that sentence. So who can find time in all that pandemonium to plan a scavenger hunt? Well, our team at Scavos has that covered. We have a ready-to-play holiday scavenger hunt that’s perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner, your company Christmas party, or your New Year’s Eve cocktail hour.

Grab the app to play today and read on for some customization tips to make this scavenger hunt template your own!

Lean-in to the Season

if you’re celebrating something specific; Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas – or just getting together for Stacy’s birthday in December, make your hunt special by adding missions you think your guests will have the most fun with.

A screenshot of Scavos's Add and Delete Mission options.

The Scavos app makes it easy to add and delete missions – which tell your players what to post – tap the plus button to add a new mission or select a mission you want to delete and tap the trash can to toss it from your game. The host can even add missions after the game has started, so don’t worry about building your whole list before sharing with your players.

Keep Remote Players in Mind

I have some bad news. Not everyone will make it to your party. But with a virtual scavenger hunt, that doesn’t keep you from connecting. Keep your missions specific to your event but make them open enough that they can be completed outside of your venue. That way if your friend in Fresno can’t catch a flight, they can still play along with everyone else in Philly.

Missions that Can’t Miss

Here at Scavos, we know a thing or two about scavenger hunts. So if you’re staring at your mission list and blanking on what to add, we’ve got a short list of mission themes that are sure to get your players posting:

  • Pets - Ask for them in costume, making silly faces, or forced into selfies with their owners. Even those without a pet of their own know a dog they can take a picture with.

  • Food - No one will hesitate to snap a pic of their favorite holiday dessert or traditional side dish. Extra points if your missions makes players cook the food themselves.

  • Holiday Mascots - Don’t tell Santa that we’re comparing him to Gritty, but this season has tons of characters that everyone recognizes. Ask your players to turn paparazzi for pilgrims, stalk some snowmen, or make a collage of Mariah Carey to really identify the holiday die-hards in your group.

A heterochromatic husky wearing a Santa hat stares mournfully at the camera
Animals in hats are perfect mission objectives.

And hey, if you’re struggling with missions, there’s nothing that says you can’t ask your players for suggestions. Being the host of a Scavos game shouldn’t be harder than planning the menu, that’s why we made the holiday scavenger hunt template to begin with! But if you’re looking to get out of dish-washing, you can take credit for building the game from scratch, we won’t tell.

From all of us at Scavos, Happy Holidays–and Happy Hunting! We hope you’ll find magic, adventure, and fun this holiday season.

If you haven’t downloaded Scavos yet, use this link to grab the app and jump right into the holiday game:

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