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How to start a free photo scavenger hunt with Scavos

If you’re like us, you’ve probably searched the internet for way too long looking for a way to create a scavenger hunt that you can play with your friends. We got so sick of looking – and finding nothing but overpriced ‘experiences’ – that we decided to make our own app! You can download Scavos today and start your own scavenger hunt in three steps.

Step 1: Create Your Game

We make it pretty easy to get started with Scavos. If you are looking for speed, you can select a template with pre-made missions for specific events like weddings, fairs, or nights out on the town. Keep the missions as they are, delete some, and customize others to fit your event and you’re ready to roll!

Templated Scavenger Hunts Available in the Scavos App

If you’re looking to build your own experience from the ground up, select “Custom Game.” You’ll start with a single starter mission and can add as many as you’d like. That takes us to your next step.

Step 2: Add Your Missions

Think of your missions as the list of clues you would give players in a traditional scavenger hunt. In Scavos, missions also serve as prompts for your players to get their creative juices flowing. Use missions to encourage players to explore their city, or share their work from home surroundings, whatever makes sense for your game.

Custom Scavenger Hunt Missions Being Created in Scavos

You can add as many missions as you like but keep your player’s time constraints and attention spans in mind. Hosts do have the option to add missions after the game has started, but players may make a fuss if you make changes to a competitive game.

Step 3: Invite Your Friends

This is where the fun starts. Your game has a unique game code that lets you invite your family, or your whole office, while keeping your Scaventure private. Tap the “Share Code” button to send your game code by text, email, or whatever messaging service you prefer.

The Share Game Screen in Scavos

Players can install Scavos, join your game, and start completing missions immediately. As the submissions roll in, your game feed will show each picture, and players can comment on each other’s submissions. Enable notifications for your game and you’ll get alerts whenever a mission is completed.

And that’s it! Three simple steps to building and hosting your own scavenger hunts. If you need inspiration for missions or game concepts, browse our list of template games to get things started fast, and keep an eye on this blog for more tips!

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